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Indian Wedding Wear Fashion

Its no longer about baggy trousers with horrendous patterns reminiscent of 1970s carpets, ethical fashion is unrecognisable from its grass roots and is largely unidentifiable from mainstream fashion, in fact, most brands have mixed in a level of ethicalness among their usual lines so as not to miss the boat or be berated by fashion journalists. They have also done this because it seems as though theres every chance of ethical fashion being the next big money spinner.

It has been recently reported that British pop sensation Leona Lewis has spent over 200,000 on ethical clothing to wear on her latest tour and while there are very few people willing or able to spend this kind of cash on clothing, ethical or not, its great that such ambassadors are out there. Its still hard to believe though that from 200,000 an unbalanced amount will not go to the designer and the store rather than the producers and manufacturers.

Its not just Leona Lewis that likes to promote fashion responsibility, Bono from U2 has set up an Rolex Replica ethical clothing label but it doesnt appear to be hugely successful Best Rolex Watches just yet (not that losing millions would make much of a dent in his fortunes by all accounts). Its hard to believe that with such a well known celebrity backing something that it wont come good in the end, although Bono does tend to polarise opinions on music, charity and opinion. At least even if it does go bust and horribly wrong, itll give publicity to ethical fashion and as they say, all publicity is good publicity, or something.

Comedian, TV presenter and Alan Carr Siamese twin Justin Lee Collins was recently spotted wearing a mens hoody from an up and coming fairtrade clothing label and he seems to have quite a cult following, meaning he may well start a trend all by himself. Do as I do not as I say should be Justins motto, after all he has been heard talking about his attempts at a lot of crazy experiments which youd hope people at home didnt try, well, at home, but wearing fairtrade clothing is something that he didnt shout about but which people should definitely take up.

Now we shouldnt all be sheepishly following in the footsteps of overpaid celebrities that are airbrushed to within an inch of their tiny little butts but when they do something good for the community and for society, theyre the worlds greatest marketing tool. So ignore them when they pull stupid stunts but follow their lead when it comes to ethical fashion and organic clothing, after all, this benefits more than just their publicity piggy bank.

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